Ruzomberok vs Tobol Kostanay AI Prediction 11 July

### Match Prediction: Ruzomberok vs Tobol Kostanay

**Date and time:** 11 Jul 2024 at 17:00 UTC
**Stadium:** Stadium MFK Ruzomberok
**Location:** Ruzomberok, Slovakia

#### Overview
This Europa League qualification match sees Ruzomberok from Slovakia host Tobol Kostanay from Kazakhstan. Both teams have had varied performances lately, which makes this match all the more interesting.

### Predicted Lineups

#### Ruzomberok (4-2-3-1 Formation)
Ruzomberok have shown resilience in friendlies, though they’ve had mixed results in competitive matches.

– **Goalkeeper:** Matúš Macík (assuming based on previous regular starter patterns)
– **Defenders:** Matej Madleňák, Dominik Kružliak, Peter Maslo, Martin Boďa
– **Midfielders:** Jakub Kochan, Adam Morong
– **Attacking Midfielders:** Michal Faško, Momodou Trawally, Martin Chrien
– **Forward:** Andrej Fábry

#### Tobol Kostanay (4-3-3 Formation)
Tobol Kostanay have had a mix of results in the Kazakh league, showing both strong victories and some unexpected defeats.

– **Goalkeeper:** Aleksandr Mokin (assuming based on recent lineups)
– **Defenders:** Valeri Kichin, Roman Arseneault, Sergei Maliy, Dušan Jovančić
– **Midfielders:** Askhat Tagybergen, Serik Azimov, Nenad Adzic
– **Forwards:** David Atame, Vladimir Savicevic, Vladislav Vasiliev

### Team Analysis

#### Ruzomberok
– **Home Advantage:** Playing at Stadium MFK Ruzomberok provides Ruzomberok with significant home support.
– **Defensive Solidity:** Despite recent mixed results, their defensive line has shown the ability to hold strong, particularly in home matches.

**Key Players:**
– **Michal Faško:** A dynamic playmaker who can create scoring opportunities and provide key passes.
– **Andrej Fábry:** A forward with a good finishing touch, crucial for converting chances into goals.

#### Tobol Kostanay
– **Attacking Prowess:** With a front three, Tobol can pressurize the defense with continuous attacks and maintain possession in the opposition half.
– **Recent Resilience:** Some key victories like the high-scoring win against Aktobe indicate their ability to score goals.

**Key Players:**
– **David Atame:** Provides a cutting edge in attack with his skill and speed.
– **Aleksandr Mokin:** A veteran goalkeeper with vast experience, providing stability at the back.

### Prediction and Considerations

**Key Considerations:**
– **Travel and Conditions:** Tobol Kostanay will face the challenge of playing away, which may affect their performance given the travel distance and unfamiliar conditions.
– **Recent Performances:** Both teams have had mixed results, but home advantage and recent form favor Ruzomberok slightly.

**Predicted Result:**
**Ruzomberok 2-1 Tobol Kostanay**
**(Potential Scorers:** Andrej Fábry and Michal Faško for Ruzomberok, David Atame for Tobol Kostanay)

Overall, Ruzomberok is expected to leverage their home advantage to secure a win, but Tobol Kostanay is likely to put up a strong fight, making it a competitive match.

These predictions are based on available data and trends; the actual match result may vary. Enjoy the game!